Approval Process

What it is: During this process we will forward the created content to your company via your preferable form of communication. You will have the opportunity to review and approve both message and design prior to any graphic going live. However, after a certain duration of time if we don’t receive any notification of change, we will move forward with the process under the assumption that we have received the green signal.

Why we do this: This approval stage has been included in this process to ensure that you are in the loop during the creative process. We do this to ensure that we have your input before the final content is live.

Approval Process

Your Benefit: The approval stage enables flexibility. It allows you to have a say in any aspect of the design and creation of the media that will go on your social platforms. You can fully customize, disapprove and have a final say in our work, if you wish.

As mentioned before, we also give the option to leave it all to us. Either by giving us the go signal upon receiving the notification email or by simply not responding to it.