Discovery Call

What it is: Our social media expert will get on a call along with your team in order to fully understand the brand that you strive to represent via social media.

During this quick, but thorough, call we will discuss questions about your brand and company. Some examples of these questions include;

  • What is your culture, mission statement, and/or tagline?
  • What key promotions, services, and/or sales are you planning within the next quarter? Dates?
  • Do you have any brand ambassadors or endorsees? This could range from sports teams to athletes, musicians, etc.
  • Other than that, we will collect your brands logo, PMS/Hex Colors, Fonts, and any Photos that may be used.
Discovery Call

Why we do this: We take time to understand your business culture, objectives, key promotions and target market. This is so that we are well equipped with all the necessary information that we need to properly represent your company. Also, so that we could plan posts and engagements in such a way that they have maximum impact.

Your Benefit: Once your information, queries and concerns have been communicated to us properly during this call, we will be able to move forward with high speed for your customized social media plan. Furthermore, since we have collected the majority of information at once during this stage; time that would have been lost during back-and-forth communication during the other stages, is saved.